About Incentive Alliance

The idea for Incentive Alliance began to take shape in 2010. The founding members of the Incentive Alliance management team were active with several charitable organizations. They realized that diminishing returns and technological advancements would make it necessary to reinvigorate the traditional solicitation process.

Around that same time, the Shop Local movement was taking hold throughout the United States. Cities and States fostered programs aimed at bringing attention to local businesses, and media outlets and others promoted the importance of patronizing local retailers.

Marketing opportunities were also beginning to change, as retailers searched for more cost effective ways to provide personalized, targeted messages to consumers. The proliferation of daily discount sites, location based marketing products, focused web advertising, and more, were all changing the way that retailers spoke to their target audience.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the electronic payments industry, the management team was aware of this shift in marketing trends for retail businesses. By combining this with the hurdles being faced by nonprofits, the core product for Incentive Alliance was formed.

John McCormick of Incentive Alliance
John McCormick

President & CEO

Dave Mestres of Incentive Alliance
Dave Mestres

Chief Technology Officer