What We Do

Incentive Alliance is transforming donation-based marketing and changing the way nonprofits and soliciting organizations interact with and incent their target contributor base.

Nonprofits recognize that there is a cost to acquire a new or increased donor. Similarly, local retailers have an amount they are willing to spend to secure a purchasing customer. By combining these amounts, Incentive Alliance can provide a nonprofit with rewards for potential donors that are much more valuable than what the nonprofit could provide on its own.

How does Incentive Alliance work?A new campaign begins when Incentive Alliance and the Nonprofit establish the parameters, including the amount the nonprofit is willing to spend to attract a new or increased donor. Incentive Alliance will analyze the location of the target database and identify local Retailers interested in securing customers from the same database. Incentive Alliance will combine the amounts the Nonprofit and the Retailer are willing to spend, and create a marketplace of rewards available to the target donors.

The target donor base will receive the request letter from the Nonprofit, which will include a sheet highlighting the participating Retailer brands and the rewards available. The target donor will be directed to a website or toll-free number where they can complete the donation process. The donor completes the interaction by confirming their level of participation and selected reward.

Incentive Alliance will deliver a reward certificate after the full contribution has been confirmed by the nonprofit. Upon presentation of the reward, the Retailer will be able to check the validity and redeem the reward by scanning the QR code, entering the coupon number through the Retailer’s Incentive Alliance account or calling a toll-free number. For each reward redeemed, Incentive Alliance will remit to the retailer the amount the Nonprofit agreed to spend to acquire the donor.


ABC University is looking to encourage larger participation in General Fund donations from recent graduates living in the Big City area. ABCU determines it has 1000 recent graduates in the Big City area, and is willing to spend $10 for each successful new donation at the $100 level, or $50 increase from a current donor.

Incentive Alliance identifies Retailers in the Big City area that are interested in highlighting their brand in front of 1,000 recent ABCU graduates, and how much they are willing to spend to secure a purchasing customer.  Retailer Z is interested and willing to spend $15 to attract an ABCU grad as a purchasing customer.  By combining the amounts from ABCU ($10) and Retailer Z ($15), Incentive Alliance works with Retailer Z to craft a $25 reward, $25 off a purchase of $50 or more.

The 1,000 recent graduates receive the letter from ABCU requesting their participation, and highlighting Retailer Z as one of the participating retailers. Graduate X makes a new donation to ABCU, and selectes the offer from Retailer Z as his reward. When receipt of Graduate X’s donation is confirmed, Incentive Alliance will deliver the reward in the form of a certificate (specifically numbered, one use). The graduate will present the certificate to Retailer Z, who will check validity and redeem. After redemption, Retailer Z receives the ABCU $10 from Incentive Alliance.